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Our mission: boost startups that can help La Poste face its challenges.

Help merchants sell better

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Make business and local governments more efficient

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Live better, and for longer in a connected home

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Transform commerce with FinTech

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Advocate for a better, more sustainable future

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Our team

Hugues Hansen

Hugues worked as Head Finance wizard at Thales and then France Telecom. Seeking thrills in 2006, his entrepreneurship adventure began when he founded “Embauche.com” which was later assigned to SoLocal Group. Hugues then joined Mediapost Communication Group in late 2008 for more financial fun. In this endeavor, he implemented Mediapost’s digital development policy, resulting in the acquisitions of Mixcommerce, BudgetBox, Cabestan and Adverline.

Laurent Lipiner

Former entrepreneur, Laurent worked for 7 years in startups in Paris and London. Since then, he strategically joined the Strategy Department of La Poste in 2007. We have him to thank for the creation and launch of Start’inPost. A graduate of Northeastern University (Boston), Sciences Po Paris and CELSA, Laurent is a PSG enthusiast and a real foodie. Talk to him about growth problems to tickle his funny bone.

Kevin Aserraf

After working with IT and social gaming startups in London and Paris, Kevin decided to join the Strategy Department of La Poste in 2013. Bold move! He helped a lot in getting Start’inPost going. As graduate of Sciences Po Rennes and Ecole Centrale Paris, Kevin is always ready to discuss “UX” and “growth strategy” during halftime of a soccer game (and we all know you’ll end up talking about PSG team).

Sandra Pires
Junior Analyst

Marketing is her thing. After working with CGR Cinémas and with a start-up in Budapest, she decided to join the Start’inPost’s team to begin a love affair with the startup world.

Auréa Martinay
Junior Analyst

After graduated from HEC Montreal, Auréa joined Pitchy, a start-up accelerated by Start’inPost. So she stayed in the family. Pretty smart, isn’t it ?

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