Get ready to explore uncharted territory. This two phase program is meant to help your start-up push past boundaries. Come with your product and Start’in Post will provide both the support you need and the firepower that only a big group can offer (€20 billion in revenues in 2015).


months of testing fun

We match you with the right business in La Poste Group and then work together, seeing clients and testing our joint offer.


Meet and greet La Poste’s pilot clients

The pilot is free. We foot the bill.

Peek into our address book and get invited to all our events. You’re fancy like that.

Get a big name on your portfolio (and make your presentations even more impressive)



months of acceleration

x3, x5 , x10 in revenues?
Just give us 9 months. Sounds to good to be true? It’s pretty simple. We introduce you to a heap of prospects and you close. Ta-dah.

Demo Day brings you face to face with the decision makers of some powerful groups (Total, BNP, Gemalto and more). Don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Personalized support according to your needs (pitch camps, product support, growth advice, and beauty tips included.)

Partner with businesses through Le Groupe La Poste

Raising cash? We might be able to co-invest!




We fund the pilot, and pay for any additional support that you need. After, if you need seed funding or to do your Series A to grow quickly, we might even be able to help complete the round. All we ask for is that you focus on your business. Ok, we’ll also take a thank you. Aw shucks.